Building Jeff Lait's "The Smith's hand"

** This post is mostly here for the benefit of people who are googling
how to solve a problem that I ran into, and which this post addresses.
Unlikely to be interesting to casual reading.

Yes - Lait has returned to his strength - ascii games in libtcod.

This game is beautiful and smooth to play. But, it was difficult to build on
linux. He gave me some help to get through.

Here's what I found getting the linux version running:
* Downloaded from here:
* Installed libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2. I'm on debian stable.
* Watch out: ignore the first linux subdir. You want the one under src.
* Watch out: ignore the first lib subdir. You'll be wanting the one under src.
* Read and follow the instructions in src/linux/BUILD.TXT.

    > When he says "in this directory", he means in src/linux.

* If yours breaks on map.cpp, add an #include to  to the top of that file.
* Then run make again from the linux subdirectory
* Now I had smith_bin
* My libSDL didn't like the one in the libtcod directory. Running "ldd smith_bin" pointed out the missing dependencies. I got around that like this:
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:../lib/libtcod-1.5.0
* Needed to copy terminal.png into same directory as the built file, smith_bin

I didn't get audio working.