There has been discussion in /The Australian/ about white artists interfering
with the construction of indigenous artist works.

A commenter on the page makes an analogy to renaissance artists that had
proteges working on canvases yet signed their own names. I don't think it is
equivalent, and wrote this letter,

    "The essence of traditional western art is the artist's mastery. We judge
    a work's ambition, the degree to which the artist rose to the challenge of
    its perspective and technique. If it was done by a protege of the signed
    artist, that would be an interesting detail, but only a detail.

    Hinchliffe writes, "The best .. Aboriginal art has been a window through
    which .. the world can glimpse a .. fragment of .. Aboriginal occupation."
    In aboriginal art, the essence of the product is its other-worldliness.
    The outsider comes for the mystique. The key quality is the authenticity
    of the viewer's journey. To deceive the authenticity is to break contract
    with the viewer."