Dinghy index concept papers

Yachts and Racing Dinghies

In this note we lay out what we are seeking in this platform. We pursue an
analogy between sailing and computing.


    I read a review of a prestige bluewater yacht. The design aims to suit
    couples who want to sail long distances in their own company only. That
    goal involves complex tradeoffs.

        Discovery 58 review in Yachting World

    The review praises the way this system has accomodated those needs.


        "It was difficult to get the yacht into a groove and too easy to
        wander off course if you didn't have an eye on the wind gauge, compass
        or, later, a star."

    The act of sailing itself has been compromised to satisfy the broader

Racing Dinghies

    Racing Dinghies are designed to be sailed well.

    This is a small set of design needs.

    These boats are close to the water and responsive,

        Race day,


        Moth World 2012,

Different niches have different design priorities,

    Yacht: a single capsize has fair chance of causing death.

    Racing dinghy: "if you didn't capsize, you weren't sailing hard enough."

    In computing, there is a general-purpose-computing niche.
    Platforms in this niche seek to be effective as personal computer,
    workstation and server.

    They use layering extensively. Examples from linux: x-windows; sockets as
    a kind-of-file; advanced filesystems.

    Often, the layers are flawed abstractions. Complication abounds.

    The Dinghy concept lives in a different niche.