Dinghy index concept papers



    Yachts and Racing Dinghies

        Many new-platform efforts set to build a better workstation. We are
        seeking to do something else. This paper explains the difference.

    System Niches

        Contrasts the major niches of computing.

    Values Palette 

        The design of systems is often guided by values. For example, the
        principle that 'everything is a file'. This paper discusess some of
        those values.


    Since we are still in early stages, we explore design options.

    Think before you act / go broad before you go deep.

    Seek to draft five or ten projects here. Evaluate them against the design
    criteria in Concept.


        The paper describes an investigation into the PIC32 SoC and speculates
        about the a system that could be built of it.


        Bus-centric design, hardware process isolation.


        Challenge the web browser settlement.


        A project developed by Kartik Agaram that looks to be aligned with the
        dinghy goals.


        Make it easy to ship software that targets the amd64 hypervisor.
        Within that sandbox, you have lots of freedom. You get a racing
        dinghy, but get to leverage the awesome yacht hardware.